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Wall-mounted hand soap or sanitizer dispenserWhen you’re in a rush, taking the time to properly wash your hands may seem to be a simple inconvenience that can be easily bypassed. In fact, recent studies have shown that 95% of Americans are washing their hands improperly. While most restrooms private and public throughout the country have the proper means available, some people simply refuse to take the time out of their day to wash their hands correctly. Read Full Post »

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Mr. John Trifecta of productsFew things can turn a routine construction job into a drawn-out ordeal faster than a loss of efficiency. It seems like no matter how many people are working at a construction site or what kind of equipment is being used, things seem to happen that grind the project to a halt. The most frustrating part of all of this is that much of it can be avoided. There are plenty of ways to improve the efficiency of a construction site and ensure that projects are completed well and on time. Here are just a few ways improve the efficiency of your next construction site. Read Full Post »

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Whether you’re planning a big community event or a private party, sanitation may be low on your list of priorities. However, the availability or toilets and other sanitary stations can easily make or break the success of your event. Renting portable toilets is a smart decision that will not only keep your guests satisfied, but can offer a convenient and easy solution to your sanitation problem. Read Full Post »

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Photo of portable toilet unit in Pittsburgh construction site

For a construction site to work productivity and efficiently, there are several pieces of equipment that need to be rented. A construction site needs to have the right mobile office trailers and other convenient needs to provide employees with the proper materials needed to do their job. Some elements needed on a construction site include portable toilets, office trailers, and mobile trailers. Offering the right convenience and equipment to your company staff is the ideal way to ensure they can be productive on site. Read Full Post »